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Did Jose Canseco Just Tweet His Way Into the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Via @JoseCanseco on Twitter

It’s a big week for all-around expert Jose Canseco, the former ball player now tweeting his way to pundit stardom. On Wednesday, after a string of bold and hilarious declarations, Canseco turned to politics, predicting that would-be defense secretary Chuck Hagel “will be confirmed. neocons resent him for iraq break and will weaken him. Politicos Friends of Hamas rumor didnt help” [sic all around]. The “Friends of Hamas” thing, explained here, originated at, not Politico, but at this point in the ridiculousness, that is moot. Canseco appears to have weird-tweeted his way into a serious discussion about an invitation to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. From BuzzFeed, of course.

The Hagel proclamation followed Canseco’s Friday foray into geopolitics with his assertion that there was no way that Russian meteorite was a meteorite — “North Korea do the math.” And it comes a day after his Tuesday theory on physics and evolution:  that gravity used to be weaker when the dinosaurs roamed. “How else could 30 foot leather birds fly?”

Canseco is entertaining enough to his nearly half-million followers that, following his Hagel prediction, BuzzFeed’s press director Ashley McCollum tweeted him an invitation to be BuzzFeed’s guest at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Canseco is stoked on the idea. And he’s got big plans for Dick Lugar:

Obviously, the invitation isn’t a done deal yet. When we asked McCollum via Twitter if this was really happening she replied, “I sure as hell hope so.” So do we, and so does the whole entire Internet.

Did Canseco Just Tweet His Way to Nerd Prom?