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Everyone Misinterpreted ‘Blue Fairy’ Drug Video, Producer Says

If the Oxycodone-flogging video My World is Blue by Staten Island rappers White Trash Clan — you know, the one with girl dressed as a blue fairy, who was arrested last week in a big drug bust — seems comically over the top in its glorification of prescription drugs, its makers say that’s on purpose. We, the police, and everybody else who covered the story, got the meaning of the video wrong, producer Incite DaRiot told Gothamist. Rather, it’s to show the dangers of pill use: “We’re showing that you’ll literally end up in jail, the fucking gutter, or worse,” he said. And if you watch the video all the way to the end, there is a scene where they get arrested and then wind up passed out in a dumpster. But it starts with some guys thrilled to be doing pills in a port-a-John, so who knows.

Everyone Misinterpreted ‘Blue Fairy’ Drug Video