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Gay Man Decides to Yell Back at Anti-Gay Subway Preacher, Train Applauds

Standard operating procedure for dealing with subway “preachers,” whether bigoted or merely insane, is to pretend they don’t exist. Don’t argue; don’t take their literature. It’ll be over soon. Just ignore them until they move on to the next car and you can hear your podcast again. 

That’s not the approach one gay man took two days ago in response to a preacher’s homophobic rant, which included gems like “Michael Jackson died because he was gay.” Instead, he met the preacher shout-for-shout.

I’m a man,” the gay guy, identifiable in the video by his large fuzzy hat, replies at one point (1:33). “And I’m a good man. And I’m a gay man and Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me!” The train broke out into spontaneous applause.

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Gay Man Yells Back at Anti-Gay Subway Preacher