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A Real-Life Emergency Broadcast Warned of a Fake Zombie Apocalypse

Television viewers in Montana who thought they were in for something far more interesting than the Steve Wilkos Show soon learned they’d have to finish out the previously scheduled programming as an emergency alert warning of a real-life zombie apocalypse turned out to be a hacker’s prank.

The bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living,” a voice announced Monday after a lengthy dose of the emergency alert siren on KRTV in Great Falls, Montana. But of course, that scenario still belongs to the realm of science fiction. “Someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System,” KRTV reported, but it didn’t provide any further details. Since there have been no reports of accidental shootings or beheadings as a result of the fake broadcast, it looks like we can consign it to the mischief file alongside the great Max Headroom incident of 1987. But if this turns out to be some kind of viral marketing campaign for The Walking Dead, that will be a huge disappointment.

Hackers Faked Zombie Apocalypse Broadcast