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Finally, a Human-Rights Abuse Too Extreme for Lanny Davis to Ignore

Lanny Davis attends the Newsweek & The Daily Beast 2012 Hero Summit at the United States Institute of Peace on November 14, 2012 in Washington, DC.
Think of the children. Photo: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Starting last night, conservatives whipped themselves into a rage about Bob Woodward’s claim of having been threatened by White House goon economic adviser Gene Sperling. Most of them backed away quickly when Sperling’s actual “threat” turned out to be a pleading e-mail. But Davis, ever slow on the uptake, climbed out on the limb before it was sawed off to express his deep concern about the “threat”:

He should know better,” Davis told POLITICO

When you go beyond disputing facts to passing political judgments — ‘You’re going to regret this’ … I hear that as a threat.

I can see why Davis is so concerned. Politics is a rough sport, and he can accept a few elbows here and there – gross human-rights violations, canceling democratic elections, and so on — and he’ll publicly defend you. (In return for large sums of money, of course.) But beseeching e-mails is where he draws the line. Sperling should have just chopped Woodward’s arm off and then hired Davis as his spokesman.

A Human-Rights Abuse Too Extreme for Lanny Davis