Iran Put Some Extra Clothes on Michelle Obama at the Oscars

Photo: Courtesy of farsnews.com and Getty

Michelle Obama’s surprise Oscars cameo is international news, but with a slight twist. Persian Letters blogger Golnaz Esfandiari noticed this morning that Iran’s semi-state-run Fars News Agency added some sleeves and and chest coverage to the first lady’s Naeem Khan dress, perhaps in the name of modesty, or otherwise to minimize the American power apparent in Mrs. Obama’s biceps.

A translation of the article makes no reference to the digital alterations, although Iran made sure to call out Best Picture winner Argo as a “Hollywood version” of historical events and an “advertisement for the CIA.”

As for Obama’s own curious appearance closing the ceremony, Academy president Hawk Koch told The Hollywood Reporter it was Harvey Weinstein and his daughter’s proposal. (The Obama-Weinstein connection does not end there.) According to Koch, Obama responded, “Yes, I think it’s a great idea. We watch movies all the time at the White House. Let’s do it.”

Iran Put Some Clothes on Michelle Obama