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New York Man Arrested for Weapons Arsenal After Facebook Freak-out Over Gun Control

Photo: Courtesy of Clarkstown Police

Lawrence Mulqueen of Rockland County was charged today with making terrorist threats, harassment, and illegal weapons possession after police found two rifles, a sword, bayonets, brass knuckles with a knife attached, body armor, and a bunch of ammunition at his home, CBS New York reports. The 49-year-old’s landlady tipped police to a Facebook page, created under a pseudonym, where he allegedly threatened politicians including Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, and others associated with gun control. “I cannot wait to start killing the scum,” he wrote, according to police. “I want these scumbags DEAD!!! … Death to them all.”

I think what may have particularly have gotten his ire in the past month or two were the various legislations enacted with respect to the rights to possess a firearm. I think that was particularly upsetting to him,” Clarkstown Police Sgt. Glenn Cummings told 1010 WINS. “One posting which was posted about a month ago said that if anybody ever came to take the arms, they would suffer the consequences.”

A man by the same name joined the Rockland Country “Tea Party/Coffee Party” website in January of 2012, citing his “honesty, intelligence, knowledge, determination and passion” as his best quality or talent. “I am concerned with the average persons disinterest with the very scary sign’s that I see in store for America and the world in general,” he wrote. “I,We might be able to reverse the coming disaster I forsee through dialogue, idea sharing and determination.”

N.Y. Man Arrested for Facebook Gun Freak-out