blankfein beard watch

Lloyd Blankfein Beard Watch: Filling in Nicely

When we last discussed Lloyd Blankfein’s incipient facial hair, it wasn’t yet clear whether the Goldman Sachs CEO’s beard was a mere vacation holdover — a little overgrown stubble he forgot to shave after getting back from Davos — or a more permanent and lasting devil-may-care fashion statement meant to ease him out of his role and into an eventual full-shag retirement.

Today, Blankfein appeared on CNBC with some facial hair that, while not yet a Hemingway-esque thatch, definitely qualifies as a full-blown beard. (He also said some stuff about technology and the economy.)

You’ll note the two-tone coloration. If Blankfein wants to take a few years off his appearance, he could always dispatch with the beard part and go full Selleck. That would have the beneficial side effect of knocking Frank Quattrone off the top of the league tables for Wall Street’s most powerful mustache. But hey, it’s his hair.