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MetroCards Can Do Even More, But New Yorkers Might Not Care

When the MTA raises fares on March 3, new MetroCards will cost $1, but to ease the blow a bit, the agency announced today that riders can now refill their cards with both unlimited rides and pay-per-ride balances. Unfortunately, the move might not do much to change riders’ opinions of the MTA. A recent survey by the Straphangers Campaign Survey asked riders what they “love” most about the agency. “Convenience” won with 38 percent of the vote, but not a single person picked “fare discounts.” Even worse, the second most popular answer with 31 percent of the vote was, “I don’t use the word ‘love’ in the same sentence with the ‘MTA.’” Ouch.

MetroCards Can Do More, New Yorkers Don’t Care