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Alleged Nolita Arsonist Probably Should Have Remained Silent

Image by photographer Casey Neistat, via Instagram. Photo: Casey Neistat/Instagram

When we last heard from Wei Chu Hu, who police say admitted to setting a five-alarm fire in his Spring Street apartment earlier this month, he was refusing to talk to his court-appointed attorney. Documents released on Tuesday reveal that when a detective asked Hu how he felt about what he’d done, he said he “really didn’t care either way and that he had no hard feelings.” At the time, Hu wasn’t aware that the fire killed Renee Lea Williams, his 66-year-old neighbor, but the comment still isn’t going to help his case. Hu, who has pleaded not guilty, told investigators that he was “stressed about family matters,” and his lawyer says he’s looking into Hu’s records to determine if there’s a “viable psychiatric defense.”

Nolita Arsonist Should Have Remained Silent