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North Korea Turns ‘We Are the World’ Into an Anthem of Death and Destruction

What do North Koreans dream about? Food, probably? Well, the government would rather they dream about the amazing things that could be accomplished through the nation’s expensive and completely unnecessary space program.

In a new propaganda video, a man who fell asleep next to a telescope envisions some of the achievements of this bright future. As an instrumental version of “We Are the World” plays, he sees a space shuttle flying over the Earth and reuniting the Koreas. The people are dancing in the street and waving flags! Hooray!

The space shuttle continues on toward the United States, where, in a scene directly lifted from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, New York City has been completely destroyed. “We Are the World” is still playing, menacingly. Michael Jackson must be rolling in his giraffe-festooned moon mausoleum.

North Korea Ruins ‘We Are the World’