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Queens District to Stay Unrepresented Just a Little Longer

Via New York City Council

Wednesday’s special election to fill the City Council seat left vacant when James Sanders got himself elected state senator still has no conclusive winner, leaving the currently unrepresented district without representation for just a little bit longer. According to the New York Daily News’s Celeste Katz, the two frontrunners have both declared themselves winner. Sanders’s former chief of staff, Donovan Richards, technically had the lead late on Wednesday but was only ahead of Pesach Osina by 26 votes. “Absentee ballots to be counted later could determine the outcome,” the AP notes. Candidates found it hard to campaign door-to-door, the Wall Street Journal adds, because they kept reaching houses in Far Rockaway left empty by Hurricane Sandy. If this race is at all representative of November’s mayoral contest, that should serve as a lesson learned.

Queens City Council Race Still Too Close to Call