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Local CBS Anchor Denies Choking Wife; Mother-in-Law Unconvinced

WCBS New York anchor Rob Morrison was still sporting a bloodied lip outside of a Connecticut courthouse today, where he insisted he did not choke his wife, CBS MoneyWatch reporter Ashley Morrison. “I have never laid my hands on my wife,” he told the press, according to the New York Post. Morrison did not account for his visible injuries, but apologized for his behavior toward local police, who reported that he “made verbal threats to do his wife additional harm” in the presence of officers. “I love my wife more than anything,” said Morrison, whose mother-in-law disagreed.

I’m angry, so angry,” Ashley’s mother Martha Risk told the tabloid. “This doesn’t shock me. This has gone on for 10 years.” It was Risk who called the cops to report a domestic disturbance after she got a call from Morrison early Sunday morning. “Upon arrival, it was ascertained that Morrison had been becoming increasingly belligerent toward his wife during the course of the evening, culminating in his choking her by the neck with both hands,” said Darien police in a statement.

I’ve gotten many calls from him,” added Risk. “I’m sure he was drunk.” Asked why her daughter hadn’t left Morrison, Risk said, “She’s in fear.”

CBS Anchor Rob Morrison Denies Choking Wife