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Subway Fight Erupts Over Saggy Pants

America’s crotchety elders have been warning for years that saggy pants will lead to chaos, and they’ve been proven right after a fight broke out on a 4 train yesterday over one straphanger’s barely concealed buttocks. The YouTube video’s poster provides the play-by-play:


Man in the purple shirt asked the man in the red/black to pull up his pants (his rear-end was hanging out) and he said no. Man in the purple freaked out saying he is being disrespectful etc. Next thing you know the man in the red is sailing towards me thrown by the guy in purple, the busy train seperates and makes room. He proceedes to smash him into the bench, another guy tries to intervene and is held back.

As an aside, we can’t figure out why “another guy,” who appears to be a child, gets involved at all. It’s very confusing. Anyway, things only got more intense after the video ended:

Not seen is after the clip, the guy in the purple is yelling “I JUST GOT OUT, DONT MAKE ME GO BACK!” to jail. Then he realizes that his phone was missing and holds the guy in the red up by his collar and screams that he is going to count down from 5 and will kill him when he gets to 0. People on the train begin to freak out, he gets to 2 and the guy in the red hands him his missing phone.

Someone claiming to be the Man in Purple — his enemy is the P.O.U.S., or Pants of Unusual Sagginess — writing under the name Pimpdaddy2409 in the YouTube comments, offers a clarification.

It wasn’t over his pants I ask him kindly to either move over or pull up his pants because his put was in my face I understood the train was pack so I ask nicely he turn around and told me nigga dont touch me. We began arguing the rest is history.

Correction his butt in my face