state of disunion

The State of the Union in GIFs

The State of the Union doesn’t really matter all that much. The president proposes a bunch of things, Congress ignores them, and life moves on. So why do we watch? For the Biden facial expressions, the reaction shots of congressmen, and even, in rare cases, the presidential exploding fist-bumps. Enjoy.

Michelle Obama did a nice little wave when her husband, the president, walked into the House chamber.

Almost immediately, someone got lipstick on Obama face, and wiped it off as she would for a child.

Obama found GOP Senator Mark Kirk, who recently returned from a stroke, and gave him a rare presidential exploding fist bump.

Michele Bachmann did not approve of whatever it is Obama just said.

But Paul Ryan appreciates Obama’s commitment to keeping the promises we’ve made to our seniors.

Joe Biden loved it when Obama suggested that Congress “pass the rest” of his jobs legislation.

Obama loved his own joke about how much lawmakers enjoy ribbon cuttings.

Chuck Schumer is a bobble-head doll.

This dude is very excited about raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour.

John Boehner goes a little nuts with a tissue.

Generals confer, quickly decide that they should stand.

Susan Rice needs some Chapstick.

Jill Biden and her friend enjoy a moment.

Obama will use his Vulcan death grip on you, Congress. He will.

Gabby Giffords responds to Obama’s call to vote on gun-control reforms.

Another woman cries.

Even though Boehner looked bored out of his mind the whole time, he and Obama shared a pretty enthusiastic handshake when it was all over.

And finally, Rubio trying to maintain eye contact while taking a water break.