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You Were Wrong: Chuck Hagel Edition

The first and only time Chuck Hagel has smiled. Photo: Christy Bowe/Corbis

Welcome to the first installment of You Were Wrong, a new feature in which we ensure that pundits receive credit for their failed predictions.

Despite some unhelpful comments about gays and Israel and one of the worst confirmation hearings in memory, Chuck Hagel’s nomination as secretary of Defense easily achieved clouture this afternoon by a vote of 71 to 27, and he will be officially approved by the Senate later today. Let’s take a look at who was wrong about Hagel’s nomination.

Jennifer Rubin, you were wrong:

I suspect along with the eggnog and mistletoe, Hagel will disappear after the holidays.

John Hinderaker, you were wrong:

Time To Stick a Fork In Hagel. He’s done …. It will be interesting to see who Obama’s next SecDef nominee might be.”

Andrew McCarthy, you were wrong:

If he can’t get Hagel approved by the committee now, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better for the nominee as new information emerges in the coming days. Looks like the president better have a Plan B.”

Jim Hoft, you were wrong:

He’s Done… Controversal [sic] Obama Pick Chuck Hagel Said Israel Was ‘Becoming Apartheid State’ …. Good-night, Chuck.”

Brian Wilson (the D.C. talk-radio host, not the Beach Boy), you were wrong:

Thus concludes this installment of You Were Wrong.