What Kind of Monster Could Burn a Bag of Puppies?

pile of puppies - litter of basset hound puppies - 3 weeks old
Live, sleeping puppies. Photo: Istockphoto

Warning: Unspeakable animal cruelty ahead. Surveillance footage from over the weekend shows two men in a white minivan pull up to a Brooklyn Dumpster, drop a black garbage bag, and light it on fire. Some unfortunate souls later discovered a pit bull and four puppies inside.

It is not clear whether the dogs were dead or alive when the fire was started,” the Daily News reports, but the NYPD is investigating and the ASPCA is pissed.

I couldn’t stand to look at it. I don’t even like to talk about it. It was a horrible thing to do to a dog,” said the man who found the charred remains. “I hope they get caught. It wasn’t nice. I hope they pay the price.”

Now here, watch this:

Bag of Puppies Burned in Brooklyn