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Bloomberg’s Daughter Is Putting Her Money on Lhota

Emma Bloomberg rides the subway with her dad.

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota managed to raise $730,000 in campaign contributions in just the past two months, more than any mayoral candidate has raised in the same time period in the past two mayoral races. (Though his rival, “common billionaire” John Catsimatidis, scoffs that it’s “not enough to make any difference.”) Financial disclosures reveal that $1,000 came from an interesting source: Emma Bloomberg, whose father holds the job Lhota has his eye on.

The New York Times notes that Mayor Bloomberg’s friends and family have “at times seemed to telegraph his political predilections with their campaign donations,” but his spokesman stressed that this time that’s not the case. “She’s her own person,” Marc LaVorgna said, “and is going to support whoever she chooses to support.” Emma Bloomberg, a registered Republican, worked with Lhota briefly when he advised her father during his first mayoral campaign, and apparently she doesn’t have a problem with Lhota calling her dad an “idiot.”

Bloomberg’s Daughter Puts Money on Lhota