Thankfully, Necropsy Shows Puppies Did Not Burn to Death

pile of puppies - litter of basset hound puppies - 3 weeks oldpile of puppies - litter of basset hound puppies - 3 weeks old
Photo: Istockphoto

The infamous story about a bag with a mother dog and puppies found burned in Brooklyn may not be quite as horrific as first thought. A necropsy Thursday revealed that the pregnant mother died of an apparent accident first, and someone seems to have tried unsuccessfully to save the puppies.

The New York Times explains the scenario:

The dogs were four puppies and their mother. The mother died before going into labor, apparently after eating a plastic object that caused two acute intestinal obstructions. After her death, someone cut her open.

This was an attempt by the individuals to deliver the puppies,” said Bret Hopman, a spokesman for the [SPCA]. “But the puppies died the same time the mother died.”

The question of why whoever had the dogs tried to dispose of them by fire remains unanswered.

Burned Puppies Were Already Dead