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Cannibal Cop Seemed Like a Regular Cop at Work

Photo: facebook

Friday was a low-key day in the ongoing trial of Gilberto Valle, the NYPD officer accused of plotting to kidnap, murder, and eat his wife and other female acquaintances. Valle’s boss, Sergeant Edwige Anatsui, took the stand to talk about the officer’s daily life on the police force, and it all sounds totally standard. What did Valle usually wear? A dark suit, shirt, tie. What did he carry? A baton, a firearm, mace, ammunition, a flashlight, gloves, handcuffs, occasionally a Taser. Did the two ever go on coffee runs? Sometimes. And, most crucially, what did Valle like to have for lunch? After some prompting from a defense attorney, Anatsui testified that Valle enjoyed pizza and sandwiches on the job. After all, whole roasted ladies with apples in the mouths just doesn’t work well as a takeout dish.