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Google Rescinding Glass Invites for the Terrible Entries That ‘Slipped Through the Cracks’

We guarantee, though, that a Glass will be thrown at a face at some point regardless.

What Google giveth, Google can taketh away once Google actually reads the stuff it was basing its initial givething on. Last night, after being alerted by us and others that some pretty uninspiring entrants managed to somehow win its #IfIHadGlass competition (giving them the chance to buy Glass early for its full $1,500 price tag), Google began sending out uninvitations. So far, two would-be “explorers” have been told that they will not be getting Glass: the woman above whose idea for Glass was throwing it “at your face,” and a woman whose proposal was “cut[ting] a bitch.” We’re sure they’re absolutely heartbroken.

Google Is Now Rescinding Glass Invites