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Google Appears to Have Picked Its #IfIHadGlass Winners at Random [Updated]

Five weeks ago, Google unveiled its #IfIHadGlass campaign, in which people were asked to tweet creative proposals for how they’d use Google Glass for a chance to buy the groundbreaking cyborg technology before everyone else. (“I would show the world what it’s really like being thrown into a restaurant line on a busy Saturday night,” “zookeeper POV video/hangouts of penguin feedings ,” etc.) At its core, this was an ingenious if unoriginal ploy for free advertising gussied up as a competition. Now it’s clear that the “competition” aspect of #IfIHadGlass was even more of a veneer than we realized. That’s because the 8,000 winners Google has begun notifying seem to have been chosen completely at random. Some of them certainly aren’t being rewarded for the allure of their ideas. 

No word yet on all of the people who want to use Glass for various porn-related activities, but it seems like their invites are forthcoming. 

Update, 7:18 p.m.: Google says that an independent panel outside of Google selected the winners of the Glass competition. It’s unclear how or why some of the more uninspiring entries, like the ones above, were picked, but Google is looking into it.

Update II, 9:38 a.m.: Google is now rescinding some of its Glass invites.

Google Picked #IfIHadGlass Winners at Random?