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How to Get Caught Selling Heroin on Craigslist

The daughter of former New York Post owner Peter Kalikow can tell you exactly how to get caught selling heroin on Craigslist, because she just got busted for it herself. The key: Use a lot of slang words that, even if the reader didn’t know they meant heroin, obviously do mean heroin. “Stamps, diesel, H train, dope, bundles, tickets, dog food,” read the ad allegedly placed by  27-year-old Kathryn Kalikow, the daughter of Peter Kalikow, according to a criminal complaint quoted by the Post. Um, H train? Dope? Why even couch your ad in slang? Just headline the post “Heroin for Sale.”

Because the NYPD knows how to use the Internet, an undercover cop answered the ad and arranged to buy $400 worth of, er, H train, from Kalikow and her boyfriend Brian Whalen, the New York Daily News reports. Her father told the paper he and his wife were “very concerned and all we are concentrating on now is helping our daughter.” Whalen said it was his idea to post the ad, according to the Post. Both were released on their own recognizance Monday.