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John Roberts Keeps Telling People About His Cash Situation

Chief Justice of the U.S. John Roberts
Photo: KEVIN LAMARQUE/Reuters/Corbis

Busy few days for Supreme Court Justice John Roberts: Not only is he deciding the fate of millions of gay Americans (and presumably handling some other cases, too), but he’s also dealing with the inconvenient fallout of being a victim of credit card fraud:


The Washington Post’s Al Kamen reported Thursday that Roberts had paid his local Starbucks earlier this week with paper instead of the usual plastic. He reportedly told the cashier that someone had stolen his credit card numbers, which had forced him to cancel the cards.

Roberts was overheard by The Huffington Post making a similar claim at a D.C. barber shop on Wednesday, noting that the theft had apparently originated from a suspect in Kentucky.

It’s unclear why the chief justice felt the need to explain his reason for paying in cash.

John Roberts Had Credit Card Number Stolen