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Hit-and-Run Driver Julio Acevedo Charged With Manslaughter

Photo: Courtesy of DCPI

In addition to leaving the scene of an accident, the driver in the Brooklyn crash that killed a young Hasidic couple expecting their first child will face three counts of manslaughter, a grand jury decided today. Julio Acevedo was allegedly going almost 70 mph when he crashed into the black cab carrying 21-year-olds Raizy and Nathan Glauber; Acevdeo then “exited his car, was seen observing the carnage, and fled,” according to prosecutors. The Department of Transportation announced this week that fatal traffic accidents involved a speeding motorist 30 percent of the time in 2012, a 65 percent jump from the year prior. “Too many people still think they can pull a fast one — that nobody is looking,” said DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. “These are preventable tragedies.”

Julio Acevedo Faces Manslaughter for Hit-and-Run