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The Latest Brooklyn Police Shooting Wounded a Guy in the Butt

Close up of a semi-automatic pistol
Photo: Stockdisc

Police in Brownsville, Brooklyn shot a guy in the bottom on Thursday night, wounding him a short distance from where NYPD bullets killed 16-year-old Kimani Gray earlier this month. The details in a handful of news reports vary, but they all agree that police said the suspect, who is 20 according to PIX 11, had a gun and either pointed it at them or opened fire. The Post reports the cops on patrol “spotted two suspects in a shootout” and “pulled over and confronted one of the shooters,” who pointed his gun at them, so they opened fire. Both the New York Times and PIX 11 report that the suspect fired first as cops approached him on the street. As with the Gray shooting, the police were in plain clothes, but unlike that incident, no witnesses have disputed the cops’ account. The alleged gunman is expected to survive.

The Latest Police Shooting Wounded a Guy’s Butt