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The Mayoral Race Is Keeping Lhota From His True Passion

“Now I’m responsible for Lhota too?” tweeted @DrunkHulk.

In September, the New York Times ran a story on then-MTA chief Joe Lhota’s fondness for Twitter, which included musings on the cancellation of Jersey Shore, an admission that he had been tweeting after “too much wine,” and frequent retweets of @DrunkHulk. Lhota told Politicker that for the time being, he’s cut down on the personal tweets at the request of his campaign team, and went on to gush about the parody superhero account, revealing that after the Hulk tweeted about him, he was given a framed copy of the message.  Now even if this mayoral race doesn’t work out, Lhota has a pretty sweet consolation prize. Politicker got in touch with Christian Dumais, the writer behind Drunk Hulk, who says the fact that his tweet was framed “brings me endless joy,” and “the idea of meeting with Mr. Lhota sounds like a lot of fun.”

Mayoral Race Keeps Lhota From His True Passion