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NASA on How to Handle an Impending Meteor: ‘Pray’

15 Feb 2013, Russia --- ITAR-TASS: CHELYABINSK, RUSSIA, FEBRUARY 15, 2013. A white contrail left by a meteor over Chelyabinsk. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Dmitry Moskin) --- Image by ? Moskin Dmitry/ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis
Photo: Moskin Dmitry/? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

NASA does not have the funding to launch an infrared-sensing telescope in space to detect asteroids such as the one that blew up without warning over Russia last month, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden told a congressional hearing Tuesday. And it certainly doesn’t have the capability to blast them out of the sky. So what would happen if we discovered one three weeks away from an impact with the earth, asked Rep. Bill Posey. Bolden replied, “The answer to you is, if it’s coming in three weeks, pray.”

NASA on How to Handle an Impending Meteor: Pray