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NRA President: Cuomo As Misguided As the Republicans

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo gives a press conference about recalled Toyota cars February 24, 2010 in New York City. Cuomo, thought to be a possible candidate for New York governor, has reached an agreement with the car company to provide Toyota owners in New York with alternative transportation and other perks in the aftermath of the massive recall of Toyota automobiles.
Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images2010 Getty Images

Governor Cuomo made sure he wasn’t in Albany on Thursday when more than 5,000 people gathered to protest New York’s new gun legislation, but he might have enjoyed hearing NRA President David Keene critique the group’s Republican allies. “What [Cuomo]’s doing is the mirror image of what Republicans seeking the presidency were doing in the last cycle. What he’s doing is seeking measures that would appeal to a very small segment of the left wing of the Democratic base,” said Keene, the keynote speaker. “And if he gets that far, he’s going to find himself the most unelectable person nationally.” On the other hand, some protesters were comparing Cuomo to Hitler, so it’s probably best that he wasn’t there.

NRA President: Cuomo As Misguided As Republicans