cpac 2013 dispatch

Makin’ Copies With Orly Taitz

The Orlyster, makin’ copies.

Orly Taitz may have given up on proving that President Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, but she remains convinced that he stole his Social Security number and forged his Selective Service form, and so far at CPAC, she’s managed to speak to congressmen Louie Gohmert and Steve King about her campaign for justice. But she’s exasperated by the silence from the mainstream media.

Nobody in the media is reporting the truth,” she said to me after I stopped her in the hallway. “You’re allowed to report only what the establishment wants you to report …. The reporters today, like you and others, are similar to — I’m sorry to say — reporters that I’ve seen in the former communist Soviet Union or what was being reported in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.”

We walked over to the business center so she could make me some copies of her documents, including affidavits from a retired U.S. Coast Guard inspector and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “Please just post the documents,” she implored. “The public deserves the truth.” (They’re all on her website, if you’re curious.)

Asked whether her crusade would end once Obama leaves office, Taitz implied that it wouldn’t. “You know, more people are involved. This isn’t just Obama.”