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Sarah Palin Is ‘Loaded for Bear,’ Would Like to Be Loaded With 2014 Campaign Cash

Many people say Republicans needs to make inroads with young people, women, and minorities (or just change their stance on immigration), but if this video from SarahPAC is to be believed, that’s all unnecessary. Using dozens of clips from the “lamestream media,” the video “Loaded for Bear” suggests that Sarah Palin is single-handedly reshaping the Republican Party, and ends with a bear growling next to the words “We haven’t yet begun to fight!” Mama Grizzlies who join the battle with a donation of $50 or more will get a “signed photo of the moment Governor Palin sent a message to big government at CPAC.” Expect a lot of questions about why you have a framed photo of Palin chugging from a Big Gulp.

Palin Is ‘Loaded for Bear,’ 2014 Cash