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Pataki Endorses Catsimatidis, But Not to Spite Giuliani

Owner of Gristedes supermarkets John Catsimatidis attends the celebration party for Rita Cosby's new book
Photo: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images2007 Getty Images

In the 1994 mayor’s race (almost twenty years ago, if you want to feel old) then-mayor Rudy Giuliani crossed party lines to endorse Democrat Mario Cuomo for governor against Republican George Pataki. The two never did get along very well, but Pataki insisted to the New York Post on Thursday that a distaste for Giuliani, who is backing Joe Lhota for mayor, had nothing to do with his decision to endorse John Catsimatidis. “Most importantly,” Pataki said, “John Catsimatidis isn’t a career politician.” But we wouldn’t complain if this turned into a proxy war for nineties beef.

Pataki Endorses Catsimatidis, Not Giuliani’s Man