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Rand Paul Threatens to Stage Less Inspiring Gun Control Filibuster

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Questioning the president’s right to take out American citizens with flying killing machines is something people of all political persuasions can get behind, but it seems Senator Rand Paul is ready to sacrifice some of his newfound popularity. Politico reports that Rand, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee have written a letter threatening to filibuster new gun control legislation. The letter, which they plan to hand-deliver to Harry Reid’s office on Tuesday, reads, “We, the undersigned, intend to oppose any legislation that infringe on the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms, or on their ability to exercise this right without being subjected to government surveillance.”

According to Fox News, which obtained a copy of the three-paragraph letter, the senators don’t use the word filibuster, but it’s clear that’s what they’re referring to. They conclude, “We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.”

While Reid has dropped the assault weapons ban from the Senate bill, the legislation he’ll put forward when Congress returns from its two-week recess would increase gun trafficking penalties and expand background checks — a measure supported by more than 90 percent of Americans. There probably won’t be as many people standing with Rand on this one.

Rand Paul Threatens Gun Control Filibuster