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Rudy Giuliani Has Descended Into the Abyss of Infomercials

America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani is apparently not America’s Consultant. His company, Giuliani Partners, has worked with the government of Mexico City (it didn’t go well) and Merrill Lynch, but when Giuliani started speaking out on behalf of the Indian Point nuclear plant in 2011, we warned, “It’s not quite a late-night infomercial or a celebrity-endorsed spot for a used-car lot, but it’s definitely shilling.” Oh, how times have changed.

Giuliani is now on the late-night spokesman circuit for real, pledging his allegiance to LifeLock, a firm that aims to protect customers from identity theft. Here’s Giuliani, flag pin and all, insisting he’s a loyal customer:

But the New York Post notes:

The Federal Trade Commission dented Lifelock with a whopping $12 million fine in 2010 for failing to deliver the identity security they promised and balking on refunds to clients.

The brash company was also roundly mocked after CEO Todd Davis brashly announced his Social Security number in a commercial as a sign of confidence, and then had his identity stolen repeatedly.

From mayor of New York City to high-ticket speaker to political adviser to crime expert, it’s a long way down. When Ed Koch was on The People’s Court, at least he was funny.

Rudy Giuliani Doing Infomercials for LifeLock