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Squadron Consultant Says He Fired Her While She Sat Shiva

Democratic campaign consultant Cindy Darrison has had a hard month. First, she tells Capital New York, her father died on Feb. 22. Then, while she was sitting shiva for him and unable to work, she says State Senator Daniel Squadron, who is running for public advocate, called to unceremoniously fire her, saying he was “moving on.” She described the dumping in an e-mail to Squadron’s opponents in the public advocate’s race, Reshma Saujani and Letitia James, to whom she donated $175 each. Darrison is crying foul because she says Squadron had agreed to keep her on until 2014. But as she explained in another e-mail to Squadron, she’s not suing because, “I am sure that you and your very smart team of advisers and new consultants would use the taxpayer-funded court system to stall, stall, stall.” The most awkward part of this whole thing: Squadron’s new campaign office is apparently in the same building as Darrison’s, one floor below.

Squadron Fired a Consultant While She Sat Shiva