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Straphangers Urged to ‘Boycott It Forward’ by Sharing MetroCard Swipes

To protest the MTA’s fare increases, the Occupy-affiliated group “No Fare Hikes” is urging subway riders with unlimited ride MetroCards to swipe for people with Pay-Per-Ride cards, the Post reports. The plan, according to the group’s website, is to deprive the MTA of cash “and make the city find other ways to fund the subway.” The site explains, “We would boycott the subway, if we could. But since it’s an essential public service, we need it, to get to our jobs and live our lives. Those offering rides can be identified by their “Swipe Back” buttons, so if you’re opposed to legally riding the subway for free, watch who you’re walking behind.

Straphangers Urged to Share MetroCard Swipes