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Florida Voter Fraudster Would Rather Work at Waffle House

Photo: Eli Hodapp/Flickr

After all of James O’Keefe’s dumb and desperate (and occasionally successful) attempts to show Democratic voter fraud ahead of last year’s election, some actual federal investigators actually did prove some actual voter fraud — by a company working for Republicans in Florida. To be fair, it was the Florida Republican Party that first called for the investigation into Strategic Allied Consulting, which the AP reported it had hired to register voters. Two workers for the company told investigators they turned in forged voter applications because they had been told not to register Democrats, though a company lawyer said it never told them that. The company is arguing that the fraud was confined to “a few employees who were not good employees.” But it must not have been that great a place to work either. One of those being investigated “left her job after three weeks to take a job with Waffle House.”

Vote Fraudster Would Rather Work at Waffle House