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Wallace Shawn ‘Fascinated and Shocked’ by Iran’s R.O.U.S Problem

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 05: Wallace Shawn attends the
Wallace Shawn. Photo: Michael N. Todaro/Getty

Knowing something about the dangers of Rodents of Unusual Size, Wallace Shawn was very alarmed when Daily Intelligencer informed him last night of the giant, radiation-mutated rats plaguing Tehran. “I’m fascinated and shocked,” he told us at the premiere of Admission, his eyes wide with horror, after we showed him a photo. “I’m going to check on this. I’m very concerned about this.”

Although Shawn has never wrestled with a R.O.U.S. in a fire swamp, he has seen them on the streets of New York, and he didn’t enjoy it. “I’m not ashamed to say that I was scared,” he told us. “And it’s not based on a great knowledge, it’s based on prejudice, just what we’re told. They don’t combine well with people.”

Wallace Shawn Alarmed by Iran’s R.O.U.S Problem