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Alleged Anti-Semitic Vandal Says He Was Blacked Out on a Bender

The New York Daily News scored a jailhouse interview with Ruben Ubiles, the man charged with hate crimes, arson, and burglary in a spate of burnings of mezuzot in Brooklyn, and discovered that his explanation for what happened now centers around the massive bender he was on at the time. “Ubiles, 35, said he was blasted those two days on enough drugs to stock a small pharmacy: Methadone, cocaine, marijuana and pills, along with alcohol.” So naturally, he doesn’t remember much of the alleged arson spree, he told the News: “I don’t remember burning nothing. It doesn’t make sense. Why would I do that?” Ubiles said he got clean in February but then fell off the wagon, hard, three weeks ago. “I’m tired of this cycle, it’s killing me.”

Alleged Anti-Semitic Vandal Says He Blacked Out