Anthony Weiner Rejoins Twitter in Second-Worst Way Possible

Yes, a crotch shot would be worse. However: While the old, forever-besmirched Anthony Weiner Twitter account announced to the world an all-new Anthony Weiner Twitter account, calling it “a fresh start,” the move again underscores the fact that Weiner has little idea how Twitter works.

Instead of just changing the name on the old account, @repweiner (where the last tweet was an errant “Llp@” in February), or deleting it altogether and starting a new one, Weiner opted to both create a new one, thus losing his nearly 68,000 followers, and leave the scandalous one up, including post-penis, pre-resignation messages like “#Hacked!” and “Wow, so many followers now. #IsThereTrollRemovalSoftware?”

On the plus side, the mayoral hopeful’s account is now verified, so we really know who’s sending the messages. The real question at this point is, Why bother?

Anthony Weiner to Try Twitter Again