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New York Lawmaker Defends Torture, Refuses to Stop Being a Jerk

Over the weekend, several lawmakers suggested that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be denied his rights as an American citizen, but Greg Ball, a New York state senator from Putnam County, set himself apart by tweeting, “So, scum bag #2 in custody. Who wouldn’t use torture on this punk to save more lives?” On Monday Ball elaborated in a confrontational interview with Piers Morgan, confirming that he’s in favor of torturing Americans who commit crimes on American soil. In addition to calling Morgan “dude” and challenging him to an arm wrestling match, Ball asked the host, “If you met this scumbag before he killed these people, turned people into amputees, what would you do? Play cards? Maybe I should have said it in a British accent.” Morgan responded, “Senator, can you stop being such a jerk?” but apparently the answer is no.

Ball Defends Torture, Won’t Stop Being a Jerk