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The Bisexual Woman Shopping for Nipple Clamps

Once a week, Daily Intelligencer takes a peek behind doors left slightly ajar. This week, the Woman Shopping for Nipple Clamps: Female, 21, Dallas, receptionist, single, bisexual.


3 p.m. The D.J. texts me, asking if I want to come over. I immediately agree. I can’t get enough of him. I get ready in about 30 minutes and leave for his place on the other side of town. The D.J. and I have been seeing each other casually for about two months now, and soon I’m hoping for something more intimate with him. 

5 p.m. As soon as I get to his place, he answers the door wearing black slacks and a button-down maroon shirt. His work clothes make my mouth water and I want to touch him everywhere. He immediately orders me upstairs and to get in his bed naked.

9 p.m. We have sex for hours off and on. It becomes difficult to determine how many times the D.J. had makes me orgasm before we finally fall asleep.


9 a.m. I wake up to the D.J.’s arm wrapped around my waist and roll over to him. I reach my hand under the covers and begin playing with him until he wakes up too and gets hard. He looks down at me and smiles. Next thing I know he gets on top of me, pushing himself deep inside me.  

10 a.m. After an hour of sex, we finally get up and have breakfast.

5 p.m. I leave the D.J.’s house and return to my life across town. There’s cleaning to be done, and the grocery store is calling my name.


8 a.m. I go to work and autopilot through my whole day thinking about the night and day before. The D.J. always leaves me wanting more.

7 p.m. Frustrated from my daydreaming, I make it home and lay down on the couch with my purple rabbit vibrator and start playing with myself. The rabbit usually gets me off when I can’t have sex with the D.J.

7:15 p.m. I’m more frustrated now because I can’t get off with just the vibrator, so I give the D.J. a call, hoping he can help. Luckily I get him on the phone and we have phone sex like we’re teenagers. I love his horny voice. I listen to him describe everything he wants to do to my body as I play with myself.

10 p.m. I go to bed happy to have had another orgasm and feeling tired from the activity with the D.J. over the phone.


8 a.m. Another slow day at work daydreaming about the D.J.

1 p.m. Spend my lunch break at my desk thinking about what to do after work. The D.J. calls. He wants to go to dinner tonight. Now I have something to look forward to for the rest of the day.

6 p.m. I get home from work and immediately start getting ready for my date with the D.J. I make myself look like I haven’t been working all day long. I leave my house for Flips, a sports bar downtown.

7:11 p.m. I get to the bar and find the D.J. sitting with drinks already ordered waiting for me. We don’t wait long and get a booth to sit down and order food. We sit together on the same side of the booth and his hand slides up my thigh under my skirt. Public play makes him extra horny.

9:20 p.m. The D.J. and I head back to my place.

10:15 p.m. I’m handcuffed to my bed, naked, and waiting for the D.J. to have his way with me. He loves to be in control and I’m more than happy to give it to him, even calling him Sir. I feel his lips and teeth scraping all over my body. My body shakes. I beg him to take me hard and fast but he doesn’t. Yet.

Midnight I’m on my knees while the D.J. sits on the edge of the bed. My hands are tied behind my back and he orders me to take him in my mouth. I smile up at him and do so willingly.

2:34 a.m. After another night of great sex. We fall asleep together.


10:17 a.m. I wake up and find that the D.J. has already left to go to work. I don’t have to work today, so I just lay in bed for a while longer.

11 a.m. Hang out on my balcony drinking coffee and reading.

4:30 a.m. I pull out my laptop and sign into my FetLife account and see if there’s any new activity. I scroll through the new pictures posted by my friends, enjoying all the naughty ones. They get me turned on and I click over to my favorite porn site,, which some of my favorite lesbian porn.

5:20 p.m. I hop in the shower to clean myself off after my solo session. I picture the women I was watching on my computer and get turned on again.

9 p.m. I’m dressed for a night out and head to the Anvil in Deep Ellum. I enjoy the pub scene every now and then. I sit at the bar for a while ordering drink after drink. Then a woman in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and tank top taps me on the shoulder. I ask her to sit with me. We order another drink and spend the next couple of hours talking about ourselves, and what we like, specifically what we enjoy in the bedroom. I want to sleep with her, but for now I hold off on asking her to come home with me.

12:35 a.m. I leave the bar with the girl’s number in my pocket and a nice buzz and head home for the night. 


10:35 a.m. It’s finally the weekend, and I have nothing to do for the next two days. I get up and make breakfast for myself. I spend the rest of the morning relaxing in bed watching TV.

1 p.m. I get a call from the D.J. asking me to meet him at Sara’s Secret. It’ll be our fourth time together to the toy store for new things to play with. I’m always excited for these trips.

1:32 p.m. I get to the store and find the D.J. already looking at things. When he sees me he smiles and I join him. We walk around for a while looking at all the new items, and we talk about everything we see that intrigues us the most. We end up buying a bondage set that wraps around the bed, a mask that fits my face perfectly so I won’t be able to see anything, a small egg-shaped vibrator with a separate remote control, and a small adjustable pair of nipple clamps. We head back to my place.

3:03 p.m. As soon as we make it in the door we are all over each other. The D.J. is very skilled in toy usage. First he inserts the egg and turns it on high.

3:05 p.m. With the vibrator going crazy inside me, the D.J. places the black silk mask over my eye, then proceeds to undress me. When I’m standing naked I hear something rip open. The D.J. comes back to me and runs his hands over my breasts. Then a sharp pain hits my nipples. He’s attached the clamps, but after a minute or two the pain subsides and they feel good (my nipples are sensitive).

11:24 p.m. I wake up and roll over to find him still in bed with me. I smile to myself and wake him up again by fondling him until he’s hard and ready to take me again.


11:45 a.m. I sleep in late and wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon. I make my way out to the kitchen and find the D.J. making breakfast. I love it when he stays over because it means I don’t have to cook or clean, and he’s a much better cook than I am. I’m just in time. We sit down together to eat.

8:30 p.m. The D.J. and I relax on the couch and watch movies for the rest of the day. We watch The Warrior’s Way, Moulin Rouge, The Change-Up, and Immortals. We cuddle together snacking on popcorn and enjoying each other.   

TOTALS: 15 orgasms; 4 acts of intercourse; 3 solo sessions; 1 trip to sex toy store; 1 new phone number attained; 1 act of mutual masturbation; 1 session of phone sex; 1 act of giving oral sex.

Bisexual Woman Shopping for Nipple Clamps