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Bombing Truther Crashes Boston Press Conference

Because this is the Internet, the day’s horrific news of a deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon has already become the stuff of memes and conspiracy theories. But the dregs of the Internet leaked into real life when one conspiracy theorist made his way into Governor Deval Patrick’s press conference on the bombings.

Leading the truthers’ charge, unsurprisingly, is mega-troll Alex Jones (remember him?), who claimed on his radio show Monday that the attack must have been a “false flag” operation, and followed the assertion up with some bizarre conspiracy theorizing about the media demonizing him on his site Info Wars. Nobody’s buying it, obviously. Even Glenn Beck’s The Blaze can’t distance itself far enough from his position.

But then an unusual thing happened: The first question at Patrick’s latest press conference came from somebody asking if the bombing was a false flag operation (in which a government uses a fake hostile attack as an excuse to go to war). “No. Next question,” Patrick said.

The questioner appears to be an Infowars correspondent named Dan Bidondi, who earlier asked in a video on Infowars’ YouTube channel whether authorities had any advance warning of the attack. This time, he wanted to know why loudspeakers were telling people to stay calm shortly before the bombing.

Why were people in the audience telling people to be calm moments before the bomb went off? Was this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote Homeland Security by sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?

The governor’s terse “no” was the only response he got. For the full effect, Business Insider has the video.

Bombing Truther Crashes Boston Press Conference