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Lightly Disguised Navy SEAL From Bin Laden Raid to Testify Against Bradley Manning

Photo: Istockphoto

In an attempt to prove at his upcoming trial that WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning “aided the enemy,” the prosecution will call an anonymous member of the Navy SEAL Team Six who raided Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. “The squad member will testify that he removed digital material from the compound that was later found to have contained WikiLeaks documents apparently requested personally by Bin Laden,” the Guardian reports, and thus a military judge has agreed to special circumstances: “His evidence will be given at an undisclosed alternate location in the course of which he will be allowed to dress in civilian clothes and ‘light disguise.’” The defense team will not be allowed to ask about the bin Laden killing specifically but will be able to observe the witness’s “body language, eye movements, and demeanour,” so it’s either a ski mask or some mustache glasses.

Bradley Manning Trial Includes Bin Laden Witness