Brooklyn Felon’s Profanity-Laced Rant Fails to Win Over Judge

42-37276361 Photo: Corbis

Robert Morales of Brooklyn was convicted of attempted murder for shooting parole officer Sam Salters in 2010, but at his sentencing on Tuesday, he explained rather vividly that he really had no choice. “Not all parole officers are bad, but d—head Salters and his partner don’t deserve that title. They deserve to be here with me in orange,” said Morales, adding, “To Salters and his partner, they can eat a d—k. With that in mind, thank you, your honor.” Surprisingly, the judge was unmoved and gave him the maximum 40 years to life. Morales was similarly eloquent in his response, declaring “I’m f—ed for life,” and flipping off the court with both hands as he was escorted from the room.

Brooklyn Felon’s Cursing Fails to Win Over Judge