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Brooklyn Flea Will Still Be Called ‘Brooklyn Flea’ in Philly

Photo: Kate Glicksberg

The concept of Brooklyn as a signifier, descriptor, and brand is well-established by now, with debatable influence in far-flung cities like Paris (where they allegedly say “très Brooklyn”), Stockholm, and Moscow. In typical Philadelphian fashion, the Quaker City is just now catching up: Starting in June, the world-famous Brooklyn Flea will be setting up 100 miles south, where it will be called … Brooklyn Flea Philly. “We’ve thought about that,” said Flea co-founder Jonathan Butler to Philadelphia magazine today. However, “We need to stick with our brand. And brands transcend literalism at some point.”

The expansion is being made possible by New York Observer owner and Trump-by-marriage Jared Kushner, who bought the Piazza in Northern Liberties and will host the satellite event. “Some of the basic approach that has made it such a special place in Brooklyn will apply down there. We put a big focus on curation,” said Butler, sounding pretty Brooklyn. “I wouldn’t be surprised if 20 percent of the vendors in Philly are from Brooklyn,” he added, but one difference remains: A Philly booth is cheaper than a Brooklyn booth, because it’s in Philly.

Brooklyn Flea Expanding to Philadelphia