Central Park Rightly Afraid of ‘Frankenfish,’ Which Can Breathe Air

New signs at Central Park’s Harlem Meer warn anyone who catches a snakehead fish, a.k.a. “frankenfish,” not to put it back in the water because of the havoc it can wreak on an ecosystem, being that it is a monster: “The fish eats frogs and crayfish and has the ability to breathe air and live for days out of water in certain conditions.” It is named for its snakelike head, and it has teeth that look ready to rip flesh. The Department of Environmental Conservation does not play it cool either: “If you catch one, DO NOT RELEASE it. Kill it immediately, freeze it and report your catch.” And then fear for your family.

Gramercy Tavern has been known to make the creature a delicacy, but we probably look more apetitizing to the fish than it does to us:

Central Park Afraid of Snakehead ‘Frankenfish’