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Brown’s Crew Team Found a Body Cops Think Is Sunil Tripathi’s

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Providence police are saying on the record that it’s “very very possible” a body found in the Providence River Tuesday is that of Sunil Tripathi, the missing Brown University student who was erroneously identified as a suspect in the Boston Bombing. Tripathi hasn’t been seen since March 16. His name got connected to the Boston bombing case when people listening to scanner traffic during the police chase of the Tsarnaev brothers tweeted that Tripathi’s name had been mentioned. According to the Boston Globe, “The coach of Brown’s rowing team, which practices in that area, saw the body floating in the water and called police, [Providence police Lieutenant Joseph] Donnelly said.” Authorities are waiting for the medical examiner’s office to confirm the identity in the morning, but right now Tripathi’s sad saga appears to have come to a sad end.

Cops Think Body Found Is Sunil Tripathi’s