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Dean Winters Doesn’t Want New York’s Mayor ‘Flashing His Junk’

Actor Dean Winters and guest attend the Cinema Society screening of
Winters and a lady friend last night. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Weiner? Not in this lifetime. He just comes across to me as an inconsiderate jackass. Would you vote for him for mayor? It’s like, I was born and raised in NYC, and not for nothing, I don’t want my mayor flashing his junk, you know what I mean? I think the city should have a little more respect for itself than to have someone like that, I’m sorry. I’m old school like that, you know? You know what it is? I think I was raised by a really good mother.” —Dean Winters, actor of 30 Rock and Oz and Allstate fame, on the potential mayoral candidacy of Anthony Weiner, at a Cinema Society screening of Pain & Gain last night.

Dean Winters Not an Anthony Weiner Fan, at All