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Doggie Dot-Com Raises $5 Million, Gets Fancy New Name

Photo: Courtesy of BarkBox

Because pet-related dot-com businesses are always a success, a company called BarkBox — which delivers monthly shipments of dog toys and treats to subscribers — just raised $5 million from a venture capital firm.

I made fun of BarkBox last year for being a dumb start-up idea (though I noted that, owing to the general obsessiveness of dog owners, it “might actually succeed”). And, proving me half-right, BarkBox appears to be thriving beyond anyone’s expectations. It has 35,000 customers, according to AllThingsD, and is looking to add other dog-related businesses, like a dog-news website called BarkPost and a subscription dog-advice line called BarkCare.

Following the huge cash influx, the company will rename itself as “Bark & Co.” As a reminder, though, it will still be a company that sells products for dogs over the Internet.

Doggie Dot-Com Raises $5 Million